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    After lots of research, I'm currently trading live with following services since 15/05/2007 with very satisfactory results.. Although it's too early to make a judgement on profitability , can someone please adive me on the money management side of it.

    ATR Channel GBP/USD 0.1
    ATR Chanel USD/CHF 0.1
    EspritFx Eur/Jpy 0.2
    EspritFx GBP/USD 0.2
    Quants - MP40 GBP/JPY 0.1
    Ubertrading Eur/Jpy 0.1
    Ubertrading Gbp/Jpy 0.1
    Ubertrading Gbp/Usd 0.1

    Strating Capital $10000 (15/05/2007)
    Accu. profits as at 25/05/2007 ( 10days) = + $1543.90
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    Hi auslanco,

    thanks for reporting .. .what's your portfolio leverage ?
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  4. l2tradr


    That seems VERY high to me, unless you follow very tight stops.
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    Thanks for the reply guys,

    In the last 40 days what I have noticed was maximum of 6 (happened only once) active signal providers (average 3) were open at any given time. I have given only MAXIMUM 5% of margin of my account balance to be traded per signal provider. In this scenario the maximum total margin I use is 30%.

    According to my little knowledge in forex, due to different lot allocations, use of different trading methods , and different currency pair diversification etc etc , 30% maximum used margin is acceptable in forex trading.

    Please let me know your idea!!! Thanks heaps.
  7. FX245


    100:1 is extremely high ... some will call it suicide ... suggest to bring it down to max 20:1 (you have to look at the frequency the different signals trade as well) ...

    good luck.
  8. auslanco


    20:1 with the same lot sizes??
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    portfolio leverage is dependent of lot sizes .. so decreasing lot sizes and removing signals will reduce the leverage ...

    many people will find 20:1 still quite high - it all depends what levels of risk you are prepared to take ...

    you did +15% in 10 days (with 100:1) ... expect the same (and much more) in the opposite direction (with the same leverage) ...
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    Thanks very much for your feedback fx245.

    I will continue to trade my original portfolio and give an update every week on the performance on this thread. I'm also going to open another $10000 portfolio on 20:1 with less signals and do a test run for the next 3 months.

    My personel Idea is if I cant get a return of atleast 10% per month, I dont see a point in trading forex. I might as well invest in much more conventional low risk investment streams such as stocks or managed funds.
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