My Limit Order Took Forever to Fill...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by MaxLD, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. MaxLD


    Okay, maybe not forever. Seven minutes did feel like a long time though. Here's what happened.

    At this mornings open, AMAT gapped down 22 cents below Friday's closing price. I fired off a limit buy order at 18.79. The order was sent directly to the exchange. The order didn't fill until seven minutes later, even though the stock was already trading below my limit order price by then. The order did finally fill (at my limit price) while the stock was trading 10 or 12 cents lower. What's going on here? Does anybody know what might have happened?

    Thanks in advace...
  2. rcj


    Was it an odd lot or did it have an odd lot component??
  4. MaxLD


    No Sir. A nice round 1000 shares. The selling pressure volume easily would have supported the transaction. Other trades hit instantly.

    My Broker? OptionsXpress...
  5. What was the timestamp on your fill and on which ECN did it get filled?
  6. MaxLD


    I pulled up the time stamp of the fill...09:30:57. My order was generated only seconds earlier. The order was filled as fast as anyone could hope for. It looks like it took 7 minutes for the fill to make it back to the order status block on my trading screen...never happened like that before.

    Thanks guys. I'm feeling a little foolish just now :D
    I think I'll go make some coffee before the market opens this morning. Can't believe it's already 5:30.
  7. That's what i thought, ok, we'll let it slide this time but we've made a note of your Elitetrader id, lol

  8. ROFL

    As in the Sting song "We'll be watching you" - LOL.

    Don :D
  9. MaxLD


    Thanks for letting me off the hook...this time.