My life is just starting at age 33

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  1. I know that I am going to open myself up to a wide range of responses with this post. I will take all of your responses in kind and good spirit.

    Currently, I am 33 years old and am employed by a well known company doing boring "insurance stuff". I have been in the insurance industry for over 10 years and 3 years with the current company.

    I have attempted every way possible to transfer from within my company over the last year. They have quite a few divisions that would fit with my interests such as a global investment group, "fund of funds", mutual fund division, etc. I have dutifully monitored the internal database for all types of positions and applied away to either receive no response or rejection letters. I didnt stop there, however, I did call and email other employees within those divisions to include managing directors. I even attempted to go to the New York office and walk around trying to find someone who might talk to me.

    My aggressive attitude did not work however. I even received a call from an internal recruiter who insulted me over the phone by saying that I appeared "confused" applying all over the company in such a manner. I told her that I wasnt confused...just needed a change from the routine insurance gig.

    I would be happy to stay with the company that I am currently employed at because there are benefits to being loyal such as a pension plan, vacation, 401k matching and the usual. However, I find myself at a crossroads. My time on earth is limited and I cant imagine myself at the same desk pushing around the paperwork from day to day. Therefore, if the current company will not consider myself for another position, then I need to start looking abroad.

    The reason why I post to this forum is because I want to use all available avenues. Of course I will be aggressively looking across the spectrum sending out resumes, making phone calls, emails and the like...

    Im not completely certain who has the opportunity for myself or what exactly that opportunity would be...However, Im willing to go from the bottom and work my way up. I wouldnt mind being someone's assistant at a hedge fund gophering for coffee or other silly things just so long as there is a future. I understand that one has to pay their dues before rising to the next step.

    Unlike the previous poster who feels his life is over at 21 years of age, I feel completely different. I have never felt stronger or more self assured. I have never felt more confident and I believe my life experiences would be of great value to most any organization.

    My life is just starting at age 33. Since it is just starting, then I need an opportunity beyond the insurance desk. Whoever is willing to pass me the ball, I will run with it.

    As for the prop trading firms, I am mildly interested and might consider it...however, the ideal position for myself would be to work under a hedge fund manager, trader, private equity manager, etc. in a lesser role doing whatever I have to do so I can move into a brighter future.

    I currently reside in the NYC area, but I am willing to move to anywhere in the country depending upon the opportunity. In fact, Im even willing to move out of the country if the opportunity is there...

    Im ready for the responses from the board's peanut gallery, but if your seriously interested then go ahead and shoot me a PM. Lets talk...
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    ET is a place for traders to talk about trading issues. It is not a recruitment board.
    I think what you are looking for is craigslist or similar..
  3. Respectfully speaking, many other individuals post up resumes, seek advice, and are obviously looking for an opportunity within this forum. The name of this particular area of the website is "Career Trader". My post is very similiar to other posts within this same message forum.

    I do not believe "craigslist" would have the type of career opportunities that I seek. Im not looking to wash cars or perform house maintenance. The type of opportunity I seek could deal with trading. My mind is open to any possibility.

    Unfortunately, my background would not make me the best candidate for a trading, banking, or private equity job. I do not have an Ivy league degree and my experience is from an insurance perspective. However, my attitude is very positive and so Im willing to start entry-level.

    Most of the persons within this forum are probably not individuals who would be able to give me such an opportunity. However, there are probably a few that might entertain the idea. Therefore, its just one avenue that I thought I might try.

    I might consider prop trading...but my preference would be to find a hedge fund or other similiar business where I could work as a trading assistant or junior analyst to learn and prove my worth.

    So I hope you understand why I post here...
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    Age is your current worst enemy for the type of work you are looking for. Usually these types of entry level positions for people in early 20s. There are always exceptions of course. Unless someone brings you in, it is really hard in, too many candidates want it. If you want to learn how to trade your own money, just PM me, I can point you to a several very good systems (they are all free). You do not need prop these days unless you want to trade stocks and have no capital what so ever.

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    Well, I am going to presume since you've been in insurance for like 10 years your making six figures are pretty close to that amount of income. Why do want to start at some entry level position for a like 30k a year? If you really want to get into trading do it in your spare time and when you get really good join a prop shop, or buy a seat on a regional exchange.
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    transfer to your company's investment unit. large insurance companies are big users of interest rate hedging
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    I have received multiples PMs. Here it is:

    One of the best systems out there is Woodie CCI. The main site with free chat room is There is another great site which was formed by CCI traders – The get the basics of the system go to , go to library and read CCI document created by Jeff Gannon (just search for Jeff).

    Another system which is heavily discussed on this board is Hershey/Spyder method. I do not use it, but it looks very good
  8. The honest truth is that the only six figure paying jobs at an insurance company are those at the Director or Executive levels which are only achieved after at least 20 years in the industry and knowing people. The salaries have not changed much in years. They were the same in the late 90s as they are now (some 7 years later).

    If you go to, you can view the profiles for many jobs and what you see might surprise you.

    Since Im single with no kids, what I need to live is lower then what most other adults my age require. I have never really wanted to get married and wish to stay single.

    I would say a career in insurance would make a great job for a person who is the second breadwinner in a family. As a primary income, it is indeed lacking the "fire".

    I would instruct anyone who is looking at a career in the insurance business to stay clear and find something else even if it means being unemployed. Once you get into it, there are few ways out of it.

    I have a funny story. I was sent down to Florida for a month to help out another office. I went to a happy hour with some of the office workers where a $5 cover charge was at the door. I paid the cover charge and then looked at the other guys who had this empty look and were just standing by the bouncer. They did not have $5 on them. I had to spot them some cash. Then once inside I was buying beers for myself at $3 per. This was cheap when compared what I spend in NYC. These guys were again just standing around and not purchasing anything.

    The moral of the story is just say "no" to anything insurance unless you only intend it as a second income for a family.
  9. Instead of remaining at a "stodgy" insurance company, try to move over to a company that is more "nimble/entreprenurial"..........if such a thing really exists.
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    good to be alive.. everything else is gravy

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