My licenses are expiring at the end of this month

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by DallasTrader, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. It sucks because I've sent out my resume to a lot of firms throughout the year. Some replied back that they really liked my experience and qualifications (stockbroker/risk analyst/retirement specialist/tax background/etc.) but just weren't hiring, but would keep me on file.

    I was planning on going to a prop shop and trade remotely in January with $2000 to start but just realized that my licenses expire at the end of this month. Unless I can somehow magically get it all processed in the next few days or find a job that hires and processes everything within the next few days, my licenses will officially drop.

    Series 7, 55, 24, 63. What a horrible way to end out the year.

    I wish I lived in NY or Chicago, it's hard finding anything in Dallas. I even went out to the Crescent Court and walked from firm to firm in a suit handing out resumes.

    I hate to give up on this industry and move on to another, but it looks like that time has come.
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    Try contacting an insurance company like Transamerica. They may let you park your licenses with their securities arm and you can work as an independent office since you have your series 63 (I think that is the right license).

    Also, there used to be a few securities firms that specialize in letting you set up your own securities office. The monthly fee used to be something like $1000 many years ago but you keep all or most of the commissions. They used to advertise in Registerd Rep mag.