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  1. Romney's ads have been marginally better, but they really need to hire AAAintheBeltway Campaign Consulting if they want to win.

    My latest ad:

    Ad opens with Obama speech at the UN,"The future will not be with those who insult the Prophet of Islam.." intones the President.

    Shift to pics of obama bowing deeply to the King of saudi Arabia and meeting with muslim brotherhood figures in the WH. The screen explodes with US Embassy in Cairo buring and islamist flag being raised over it. Shots of burned out consulate in Benghazi, with newspaper headlines in backgorund about security requests being denied, etc.

    Quick clip of U.N. ambasssador Rice saying it was all due to youtube video, then headlines saying that was a lie.

    Romney appears on screen in front of giant American flag. "As your president, I won't apologize to terrorists or bow to any foreign king. I will protect this country. If terrorists attack our embassies, they will die. That's a promise."
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    Give that casino guy a call and make your pitch for a PAC. I don't see why he wouldn't fund you.
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    wow... that would be perfect right now.
  4. would be nice if Americans saw Romney holding the scalp of Bin Laden in his hand as the closing clip.

    with that sheepish look on his face.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    A little over the top. If Romney goes on TV and says he'll kill anyone - no matter of whether they deserve it or not, he's not going to get a good response.
  6. True, but I would LOVE it! good ad AAA.. pitch it.
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    Close, but not exactly. Romney needs to attack, but he needs to keep himself personally above the fray. Your ad would work if done by a super pac without the consent of Romney's campaign. They also need to dig Jeremiah Wright and Michelle Obama's "first time ever being proud of America". The key is keeping your candidate out of the mud. Romney should not appear in the ad, or even give the little authorization at the end of the ad. The message will get across.
  8. Yes, that can be toned down a bit, but it's a good thought for an ad. I would show a couple of nukes going off as our response to a terrorist attack, but that's probably a wee bit extreme.:eek:
    I do like the premise behind AAA's ad though. Good job.
  9. You will be called racist and possibly lose the election.
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    A better add would be comparing and contrasting the number of times he has golfed since Jan, the number of fundraisers since Jan (esp highlight Hollywood crowd), the number of dates he went on with the wife with the number of times he met with his jobs council with his voiceover about jobs are his number one priority, and then finish it with him (or his spokesperson) saying that the President is tired from all his governing. And just for good measure, include the 60 minutes soundbite where he admits his ads are dishonest.

    If I had a few mill and my own SuperPAC...

    In the meantime, we got Obama running adds about BigBird. (and the MSM playing it up as usual)
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