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  1. Really I mean it I'm not crazy!!!

    I sent a slew of sell orders into the hedge fund today only to come back at 2:20 with a Chinese steel stock earnings play! GSI >>folks it's a super chart but full of nervous investors it was $12.50 today and now it is $12.00. Yes i leave myself open to a snarky comment well it's $10 sucka now... and yes this is one trade too many and I really shouldn't be doing it, but I will wear my lucky Jade pendent tomorrow we will nail earnings which we did not do last time by the way... and we will get $17 price targets around the street and we will all be in at $12.00. This will probably be up $2 tomorrow and I'll kick it right out to the curb promise. With this trade I say I really really mean it... no more buys only sells... ~ stoney
  2. Stoney,

    Nice chart. Thanks for the tip. Also, take a look at CNEH. Another China play and pretty chart if you're into that sort of thing.

  3. margo I am into that sort of thing! It's hard not to notice one of those names is up ridiculous today RCH perhaps this site is onto something. Thank you as well... will research your name after super soccer stars with the tots! ~ stoney
  4. Looking bad. :(
    I'm going to take a bath on the hundred shares, it looks like. Kissing $200 goodbye.
    edit: maybe more.
    100% down room to go?
  5. Ah yes looks like the one trade too many. I knew it! What a putz I am... got greedy....hurt a great week. I've been sailing through earnings without a miss... and I pushed it... I'll get a big lecture tomorrow no doubt.... especially from one of my cousins!

    I didn't have to read past seasonality of the Chinese new years and usually weakest qtr...
    before I knew.... it should bounce back drastically tomorrow Therm don't worry... the tonnage looks strong to me again with a caviet switching to different size BS down time at a factory for that arrrg.... you run into this with semi conductor equipt stks too, gets you mad at management. I'm mad at a certain someone who works in the biz who assured me this was a name to play at earnings... I 'll find out more by tomorrow I'll accept nothing less than a solid rebound in the morning. ~ stoney
  6. Good job Stoney. Down 21% in the afterhours session. That had to be the worst conference call I have heard in a long time.
  7. Going back down to 6?
  8. Therm it's a tough call.

    My instinct is to hold and I am so far. the reason is simple the business plan is a wall street card sharks delight they have a green light to roll up steel producers in China into one company in a few years this will be like their huge telephone stocks... they will continue to get funding and the company after this report is apt to announce a big purchase very soon... I would love to step away for a month and re examine the co in the mid $11.00' s that's where I think it belongs... there is confusion in the report as to net income and how much of that is attributed top a dirrivative change in financing... fine.. lets just go off tonnage and the revenue stream now... nothing else.... I mean you have to after a blown qtr like that... the thesis though is really a money maker very Goldman Sachs in my view... so I think we hold though it hurts so very much.... Not only did I blow the earnings BIG bet but i ruined my other position I had at $9.75.... it's typical loose investing everything is working you are hitting earnings story after earnings story and the research starts to drift lower after a while you are just surfing flyonthewall and buying or as was my case listening to a stock trader who assured me he had a handle on the trade... was I used...? It's possible nothing would surprise me anymore. Sorry. ~stoney
  9. Actually you don't have to be sorry. This is the market. Anything can happen. It's up to the individual to do their own research and manage their own risk and only trade with money they can live without.
    The stock actually appears to be regaining a bit of its value now. Last look it was trading at $10.00. Much better than $9.00, and a lot better than my $2.09x2500 share position in IMB. (I don't know if I should sell it and take that loss or hold on to it and pray?)
  10. Finally hit breakeven on GSI today. I'm glad I didn't sell at the $8.00 range.
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