My last second Hail Mary for my beloved Steelers

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  1. Ok so let me give a quick run down of what i need to have happen and the odds, of the Steelers making the playoffs, I need the following teams to lose:

    Ny Jets -10 lose to cincinatti
    Denver - 13 Lose to Kansas city
    Baltimore -10.5 Lose to oakland
    Steelers to beat Miami

    The way it works with the place i gamble at is only a win if by 4 points or more, so i gave the spread above and i need all those 10 point favorites to lose by 4 or more.

    I bet the whole ticket as a package for 50$ my payout is 15472$ if i win the whole thing... Roughly 300-1 against all the above happening.

    This is my last second hail mary for the steelers :D

    Wish me luck brownsfan!!! :D
  2. I should have bet the much more likely scenario, Steeler win, Houston loss, and Jets or Baltimore lose, whatever, if i win my ticket for 15k and the steelers make it im taking the whole thing to buy a couple tickets to the superbowl off ebay.

    The thing about this ticket that guarantees loss though is that the Jets get another team who will not be playing starters and so does houston, really pissed me off last week when indy lost to the jets, as i thought that game was on lock mid way through.

    Chances of winning this ticket..... 1-15000

    Chances of denver losing 1-4

    Seeing that cocky fag Josh Mcdaniels blow a 6-0 start to the season,


    To be honest i will just be happy if mcdaniels loses...... my chances of winning this are zero, but i hate that weasly little prick, maybe in time he will prove himself, but he is trying to pull hardass like belichek when he has no credentials as a head coach, and i dont think it will work with the egos in the NFL. The only way to break through some players ego as a coach is, is through success, while i admit i dislike belichek, i still respect him, mcdaniels is a cocky little loser who has done nothing in the headcoaching position. I would liken this scenario to the large numbers of college stars who come to the nfl as high picks and are cocky as hell then fold like a cheap suit. Broncos will lose faith fast if they lose this game, especially if its close, also after calling out the O-Line, and with marshall out of the lineup.

    Brandon Marshall has reasons to be vocal, he is getting like 3 mill a year (roughly couldnt find the number off the to of my head but i think thats right)when he is a top 5 reciever in the league. If a guy like Marshall had peyton, Brees, or Brady throwing to him he would be very close to the top, Orton gives him 5 yard checkdowns and he busts out big plays with alarming frequency. Even with that he bit his tongue and had a hell of a season given the situation, to call out his toughness in a crucial game is absolutely moronic in my opinion. As far as i know Marshall has never been in a fight with teammates just off the field stuff, so you cant exactly call him a prima donna.

    There will now be a plethora of teams bidding absolutely jackshit for marshall in the offseason, Second round pick at best, and all McDaniels had to do to dissolve the situation was talk to him privately and bench him for an injured hamstring(which he had anyways). What wil happen in the offseason is Marshall will end up somewhere in an undervalued deal for denver and perform similar to Randy Moss wherever he lands(granted the right QB). I really dont get what goes through McDaniels mind, its almost like he learned an oldschool style of coaching but was to immature to figure out where it can and cant be used.
  3. that trick play shows just what loosers the steelers are and what an idiot tomlin is lol :D
  4. steelers D can't even stop a 4th string q-back..loosers :D

  5. what the hell is a looser? I am wondering whether i should be offended or not. :D
  6. is tomlin's job in jeopardy? what did he bring to the steelers? almost unheard of superbowl champs doing so poorly the very next year. :confused:

  7. Are you stupid? why the fuck would they fire Tomlin when he just won a superbowl for them last year? It is quite common for teams to come into the following season with a superbowl hangover. Do you even watch football or did you just decide to pretend to be a colts fan this year when they started out undefeated? Have fun when your Colts do what they do best, which is lose in the playoffs, after having one of the top records in the league.

    Well whatever remained of my dreams of a superbowl for the Steelers will die happy today knowing that D-Bag Mcdaniels just screwed himself out of a playoff spot, and possibly out of a job. I guess that is what happens when yuo do a victory lap around the field like you just won the superbowl six games into the season. I would be very surprised if Denver wasnt on the phone right now to both Bill Cower, and John Gruden begging them to come in to Denver. There is no way if i was on his team after today i could ever trust him again. It was obvious on both sides of the ball that Denver just didnt even bother to show up today.
  8. Tomlin was riding Cowhers coattails till this year... he's made some bad decisions like that stupid gimmick play that turned ball over right after getting a turnover of his own and a short field. What was he thinking? Do stellers need gimmicks to win now?

    No freaking running game, no "D" what's left??

    They are not your daddy's steelers anymore.

    Rumor has it Cowher is coaching Bills next season and taking Lebeau, and some others with him. Without Dick the steelers will spiral ever farther downward LOL :D
  9. Thigpen should have been the second string. Stupid mistake to put White in there, and both the Dolphins and White paid for it.

    I love the Steelers too, but they screwed up the 4th quarter like only they can do. I've seen them self-destruct time and time again, and they would have had no business being in the playoffs.
  10. Where the freak was Palmolive? soaking his freaking knee and smoking a big stogie? What's he waiting on.. the 2nd Coming? THIS IS IT palmolive! not a dress rehearsal! dint just love Big ben's "show" holding his arm.. SHOW some balls Ben for christ sake
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