my last 8 trades

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  1. :cool: You have just proved that when the going gets tough the tough gets going + practise makes perfect and all the other stuff..

    Hope you will continue the path! Please just don´t steal my profits :p
  2. 10 months later?
  3. well, now i'm up over 15% in 4 trading days. :cool:

    it's official, i am one of the greatest traders on planet earth......and i will be known as one of the greatest traders to ever live....

    LMAO....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! :D
  4. BSAM


    I'm eatin' a chocolate chip cookie. Want one?
  5. V-Viper


    Low Carb?
  6. i have averaged 59.69% of ES's daily range the past 4 trading days.

    as unbelievable as it may seem, i can honestly say that i think i will make money just about every day.


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    my last 7 trades
    I had to come here and reveal my true patheticness. My last 7 trades consist of 6 LOSERS, 1 WINNER. NET -8.25. After trading since 1999, you'd think I might be able to at least break even. Nope, can't even do that. I amaze even myself. At this rate, I will be wiped out in a few days. I'm am so screwed, I hate even thinking about it. I see all these posts of guys not only making a living, but actually doing very well. I don't know how you guys do it. I'm done for the day.
  8. what are you implying? that was 10 months ago. i posted a link to that exact post in post #1 of this very thread. i have nothing to hide.

    i have absolutely turned the corner and i'm showing people what can happen. if you're going to be a negative POS, don't come in contact with me--even on the internet.


    Negative POS???? You are one of the most obnoxious posters on this whole website.
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