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Discussion in 'Journals' started by 2WJD, Jan 26, 2010.

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    I been trading about 4yrs, never kept a journal.
    So I wanted to create one because I know it would help me to be a better trader.

    I am scalping but I don't like it as much/sick of it. I'm trying to adjust to trading of the chart. Make an OK living but I feel like trading off the chart and holding longer is the way to go.

    -keep a daily journal
    -read about trading blog/article/book
    -set new goals and achieve them
  2. 2WJD


    MY first goal is to keep my risk in check.
    I won't risk more than 60 bucks per trade. IF it goes over, I'll mkt out.

    down 700.
    Haven't traded in a long time, new to the platform. madd rusty.
    Traded crazy stocks, and stocks with crazy size, went on tilt after down 300 on platform error. Which is my usual MO.

    Over all just a bad day, Haven't used my discipline at all today.

    pretty much went back and forth all day today, till I decided to make a killing.

    Shorting stocks on strong charts.

    SO many mistakes today.
    next time.

    I'll take a break when I'm down 300/ make it back in one trade.
    Work on my keyboard/platform error.
  3. 2WJD


    down 300, try to keep my stops to 60 in scalping.
    But I keep getting blown out.
    My goal per day is 400.

    I'll try my algo trading starting tomm.