My interest in Security isn't common, it makes no sense

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  1. guys lets keep this thread clean ok
    (clean of my ego that is) :D

    anyway I know most people on ET are not real traders, but even when I was a noob I was always thinking about ways to protect my method

    to protect it from brokers
    from people
    from accounting firms (if trades audited)

    but it seems I am really alone on this issue here

    any comments ??

    some of you will show up and say "don't you know market doesn't care"

    my answer is, I know market doesn't care BUT people care, I CARE
  2. If you're "concerned" about somebody who may attempt to steal your method or front-run, coat-tail and/or pile-on to your trades, consider these things:
    1) Conduct all of your trades electronically.
    2) Do not give discretion to anyone else in executing your trades.
    3) Do not deal with any outside advisors or brokers.
    4) Be prepared to "go it alone" with all of your trading-related tasks.
    5) Put more discretion and less automation in your trading.
    6) Shorten your time horizon with your methods.
  3. beyondMP


    Only traders with a money making methodology are concerned about overexposure of their techniques.
  4. how do you seriously keep a broker from stealing your strategy? i find it impossible to believe they would just sit on their hands and watch a client take tons of money out of the market with some simple, obviously systematic methodology- especially a broker that trades like IB. That's not an accusation, just seems like an obvious expectation...
  5. use multiple accounts, and randomize the process

    think about it, I can't teach for free