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  1. Here's my idea for an order entry system. Since most of us like to look at charts, how bout a little button. You could program the little button to do whatever you want. Like buy at the market, then stop or sell etc. Once you have the button programed the way you want it, you just keep it tucked away up in the corner of your chart. You could have as many buttons as you want depending on your style, or just have one up in the left for buy and one up in the right for sell.
    You look up at the top of this page right now and notice how little room it takes for Home,Training,Forums etc. Each one of those could be an order you programmed, and you'd never have switch screens or even take your eyes off your charts.
  2. Why not just use a software program that incorporates that already? Like hammer or watcher.
  3. Don't know about them. Got a link?
  4. Profitseer, I like your idea for the order entry system using user defined buttons.

    Right now in eSignal using EFS (eSignal Formula Scripts), you can draw buttons, text, or images on a chart using EFS. You can place the button where you like in the chart. If you want it 'tucked' away in a corner - no problem.

    Currently you can also associate a URL with the item - if you click on an item with an URL associated, you'll automatically jump to that web page.

    Going a step further with your idea - having the user drawn button execute some code to do something (ie: execute a trade) isn't available in eSignal yet. But, it's not that much of a leap either. Stay tuned, you might just see this feature show up in the very near future.

    Matt Gundersen @ eSignal
  5. I use hotkeys. If you are using a mouse at all I will beat you to the punch.

    Make sure that your order entry can support hot keys... you will never go back to a mouse.

    Good Luck!
  7. jw, thanks. yes, I see you are quite right. But if I have my charts up, I still need to switch screens to activate hot keys. I would like something which enebles you to enter orders without taking you out of the groove which got you into the trade in the first place.
  8. HMMM

    i guess that is different from my setup, i do not have to switch anything, just watch, listen to the squawk and bang on the keys.

    Consider changing around by adding more monitors or something so you can still watch what you need to but have your hotkeys ready at the same time....anything to take out the point and click.

    Just an idea.

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    Yes. Go to the settings, general tab. In the action field, scroll down and select "Show Trade Frame". Enter your order parameters there and then save it.
  10. thanks SEMPAI for the info on j-trader / hot key question.
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