My idea of DOM based order management software

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  1. It would be a good idea to extend the DOM baded trading platform with a simple candlestick chart drawn side by side with the price ladder as shown in the attached picture. The original picture is stolen from this thread. A simple candlestick charts with only a few bars would be enough. The time duration of each bar can be specified by the user (i.e. 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min, etc.) One good thing about this is that the candlestick chart can be drawn by extending the price ladder with a few more columns of cells and filling these cells with different colors. The high/low/close/open of these bars are drawn at the same position on y-axle as the actual price in the ladder. Similarly a Point and Figure chart can be constructed at the same position using the same cells. Such a simple chart gives a good presentation of the past price trajectory in the past short period, especially using the candlesticks to carry rich info about the R/S, reversals, etc.
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  2. Quick, patent it and then start suing everyone and their mother....:eek:
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    Hey, why dont you put a number in each of the price boxes with the vol traded, send the royalties on that idea to me c/o paypal
  4. Like this? Not candles, but ticks.

  5. I think candlestick bars are better than tick charts because we can easily recognize those classic candlestick patterns.