My IBcharts nightmare....

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  1. I’ve been trying to get Ibcharts running correctly since Friday and I’m about to freak out.
    I managed to get the TWS up and working correctly inside of an hour (which, for me, isn’t bad).
    I down loaded the Ibcharts Beta version from their site ( and installed it with out any problems.
    While I was tinkering with the charts I noticed that the “Quote & Portfolio” window was quoting in tandem with TWS but my charts were not moving. The only way I could get them to update was to manually refresh them.
    I emailed Ibcharts tech support on Friday morning (Chicago local time). Tuesday morning rolled around and I still hadn’t heard from them so I jumped on the IB “chat” feature and got technical support.
    The guy on the other end was pretty helpful. We ran through a few things and it was decided that I needed the most recent J2SE RE 5.0. In addition he suggested I access TWS via the java applet not the terminal based applicaton.
    OK, so far so good.

    As per the Technical support guys advice I was to uninstall the J2SE 1.4.2_06 and its’ updates and then install RE 5.0.
    OK so I go to the site, find the page and begin the download. Everthing goes fine until I go to install and I get an error message. One that I’ve become very familiar with…….
    “Error 1335”
    “Cab file MSI4C is corrupt”
    I hit the ignore button (you don’t really have a choice if you want to continue)
    And the another message pops up “Internal error 2350”
    So I search the site and it is suggested that if you have problems, you should manually download and install the problem. This I do.
    Download goes fine and then I go install and I get another lovely message saying something like “initialisation failure unable to continue” And that’s it. No error number, nothing.
    So.. I start charging around on the Internet trying to find a solution to the first “Error 1335”. I manage to find a few things that relate to Java and I disable both the antivirus and my firewall. I then try the download again…and again…and again This goes on for quite a while an then I try the manual download again…and again… etc.

    Alright about 10pm last night I’d had enough. I went and reinstalled my original J2SE 1.4.2_05 and to my horror couldn’t locate the updates for it. I quickly logged onto my other brokers trading platform and immediately get an “object error” message.
    I try this a few times and still the same message comes up. I’m devastated. So far in this little story the only thing I’ve been able to do successfully is to put myself OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!
    Ok I manage to get a grip on my self and I go over to the java site to get the updates for the original J2seRE. Guess what? Nothing. Bloody Nothing.
    I’m slightly upset by this time but being the consummate professional that I am, I stopped strangling the cat and sat myself down in front of my computer to think.
    Its after midnight now and a plan begins to formulate. I’ll copy the CAB file from my laptop to my computer and delete the corrupt file. Clever eh?
    Anyway I decided that, in case of a disaster, I’d better tackle the problem in the morning, this way I eliminate the possibility of hanging myself, at least for the time being.
    Got up at six an on hunch I tried the download again. And it worked! I nearly fell over. I still don’t know why. I haven’t got a clue, it just worked. Phew!!! Very nearly a balls-up of colossal proportions.
    Needless to say I was pleased. …..for the time being.
    I opened the TWS and the Ibcharts and still, they don’t update.
    I waited all day until 3pm European time and then I got onto IB tech chat expecting a breakthrough. This, naturally, wasn’t going to happen.
    I “chatted” with the same guy I did previously and informed him of my progress with the java thing. He must thought (as did I) that my problem would be solved.
    I informed him that my charts still had the updating problem he suggested that I get hold of Ibcharts Support people. Yup, the same people whom I emailed last Friday and still haven’t got a reply. So I ask him for a phone number and he reluctantly gives me a number. I call the number and talk with a lady from RJ O’Brien. She says she’s never heard of Interactive Brokers but maybe one of O’Briens’ subsidiaries.
    I called a second time just in case I misdialled, same story.

    So here I sit. Buggered. Can’t get my charts to update, can’t get hold of someone who can and I can’t find the cat.
    Anyone got any ideas?


  2. Sanjuro


    I just installed it on two computers the last week and everything went smooth. I think it's a problem with your computer. May consider a clean format and re-install of XP Pro.

    1. Remove any previous java versions with the control panel, add remove/programs.
    Click on the Windows (Offline Installation)
    NOT the the first one.
    3. Run the file afterwards and the latest JRE should be installed.
    4. Go to IB site
    Software -> Trader Workstation -> Software
    Click on the Windows Download on bottom: Should be Rel Oct.26 version 853.
    The Click on Click here to install the TWS.
    5. Run in and take the default settings for everything.

    Good Luck!
  3. Agree on the fresh install of the operating system -- although it is a pain to have to reinstall the software to go with. I had to do this recently and all my problems went away.

    I have been running IBCharts for awhile now and I find it to be reasonably robust. It has a few bugs now and then that cause crashes but for the most part I think it is a pretty decent charting program.

    If you can't get IBCharts going then I would recommend SierraCharts or Quotetracker as alternativers. But there really shouldn't be any problems.

    Best of luck,

  4. Have you guys looked at Quotetracker? Its free and pretty much bugfree. The beta version is full of great features.
  5. I know this suggestion is too late but may be very useful for anyone thinking about doing anything similar to what you just did...

    Before you do any kind of Java uninstalling or installing or any other type of key operating system changes or hardware changes...

    Best to make a complete backup of your entire computer (backup stored on a different computer) just in case something goes wrong.

    That way you can just go back to the original problem via copying back your backup instead of having to work with additional problems in case something goes wrong.

    Last of all, computers are dirt cheap these days.

    To be trading on one system without a backup system to keep you in the business of trading is just down right lazy or naive.

    Now imagine your a business owner with employees or a family to support...

    Your problems is now their problems.

  6. Thanks guys for your responses.
    A fresh install, for me, will be a massive undertaking especially right now.
    I'd rather do almost anything but that.
    The strange thing is that I've run several other charting programs (intellichart and alike) with no problems.
    I may have to forgo IBcharts for another option, even if I have to pay for it.


  7. I did actually manage to get the J2re installed and running and I have another account that I can trade from so I'm not up the creek so to speak. I hear what your saying though and your right.
  8. Ok is there any way, if I reinstall the operating system, that my settings can be saved? I have all sorts of stuff rigged here which I paid a tech to do and I don't want to pay for it again especially if this manoeuver doesn't solve my problem. :confused:
  9. As a postnote, I gave up on IBcharts. Downloaded Quotetracker and after a couple emails with thier tech support (Very good BTW) it works perfectly.