My Home Made UPS!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MarkBrown, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. MarkBrown


    Check out my home made UPS!

    Mark Brown
  2. nitro


    That is kewl picture of the day.

    :cool: nitro :cool:
  3. maxpi


    Jeez Mark, you weren't having enough fun harassing everybody on the omega list?? :D

    Maybe nobody on this list knows Mark, I don't either, but I do know he is a techno-heavy-hitter with his own direct feeds from exchanges and I don't know what all.

    There is a really great explanation of UPS's at BTW, gets into more detail than I thought possible. I want one that is powering the computer from the inverter all the time and charging the batteries at the same time, that way you know the inverter works before the power goes out.

  4. Banjo


    Go to a West Marine store, boating equiptment, they have everything you need and will help with a system. It's no big deal, just standard boat stuff. A deep cycle marine batt about $75, full auto charger about the same, gauges, alarms about $20. WM will have a catalog that explains it all.
  5. i really enjoyed your article on the "x file" project. is there any more data available on the research ?

    thanks !

  6. rpc


    Dear Mark:

    My APC units have a surge protector built in on some of the female plugs and whenever there is a surge I never have to reset anything. (At least not that I know of) Do you have any problem with the surge protector having to be reset if there is a loss of power or does the inverter pick up the slack fast enough to prevent this from happening?

    How many computers and monitor (lcd, crt?) do have running to your setup?

    yours truly,

  7. MarkBrown


    Yes I did have a problem I should redo that web page. I had to remove the Surge protector and install a 8 gang plug. Form there I surge protect some stuff and some I don't.

    In fact it's the real critical stuff I do not protect like servers and satellite and data fed equipment I don't own, I do protect. The computers and other stuff I do own I don't protect. I just have plenty of spares which are all mirrored.