My home computer is infected...

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  1. It seems that the computer at home has this RPC virus. It causes the computer to continually reboot. The Microsoft tollfree number is busy busy busy, Anyone have the fix for this yet?
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    boot from the floppy and run a virus checker with cure for rpc from a: drive
  3. Update your windows with the new service pack at windows update.
  4. I had that shit too, caused me all sorts of problems yesterday. Do Ctrl-Alt-Del and end a process called mblast.exe, then you will have time to download the patch.
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    When everything is working again, install firewall software that blocks everything - all ports - except what you need: at a minimum ports 135, 111, 137, 445, and a few others need to be blocked. MS in all its wisdom makes some of these impossible to turn off from within the OS so if you use MS systems on a public facing computer you MUST use firewall / port blocking. Once you do this the only way you are going to get a problem is if you install a trojan - which usually arrives as a payload in untrusted software or in one of the numerous email hacks for outlook: these too are easily defeated by proper setup.
  7. Thanks guys for all your help. I am home now and the patch is in place and working well. Optional 777 gave me the link for worm remover and that worked too. So thanks again, and it's time for the next step, installing firewalls.

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    Waaaah! I posted it too, I posted it too! :)
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