My Home Built Multi-Monitor mount/stand - Vertical

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Traderham, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. My new laptop can handle 3 monitors which are in front of me. Wanted to put my old desktop to use as well (which can handle 4 monitors), so i placed 3 monitors vertically to my left. Took a little bit of imagination and walking around the hardware store to come up with a stand for them.

    Here's is my YouTube video of how it turned out:

    I also built a stand for 3 monitors horizontally (at my parents home). I'll do a video on that one later.

    Hope this can give some of you guys who use multiple monitors some ideas.
  2. Curious to know how much you spent, total out of pocket cost?

    For $85 bucks, I'll buy one ready to go out of the box.

    Neat job on your end, not worth the time imo.
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    To the OP - nice job. I have a few of those sliding vesa mounts as well and they are the bee's knees. If you have a desk close to a wall like I do, the stands where you have to screw the monitor straight to the stand are a royal PITA when attaching or detaching a monitor.
  5. WinstonTJ, I spent about $30 on the plumbing parts and braces. The little table with the printer on it cost me $10 from a garage sale down the street. I didn't have any intentions of modifying the little table initially, just thought it would make a good printer stand.

    Brownsfan019 - that's an awesome deal on a quad monitor. Sometimes it's fun taking on a little project. For me, I had an extra desktop computer (since my laptop is now my primary) and wanted to put it to some use. But I didn't have much room in front of me for more monitors. Thought 3 monitors vertically to my sitting position would be great for news and research. The retail stands I found on the net that hold monitors vertically were all pretty expensive. So the wheels started turning and I came up with what you see in the video.

    chisel - Ya, it can be a pain sometimes depending on the placement. Those cheap vesa mounts can be real handy.

    I appreciate all the feedback! I may modify some stuff as time goes on and I get other ideas.
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    I have quite a few of these that they were selling on eBay (abt the same price w/free shipping) and they are pretty decent stands. I don't have any Ergotrons to compare them with, but they are solid and more than sufficient for the job at hand.
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    What is your laptop, and how can it drive 3 monitors in addition to the built-in screen?
  8. It's a Sony Z2 series laptop. I did a YouTube video on it as to why it's great for traders. Here is a link:

    So far, I absolutely love this laptop.
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    I'm using two Ergotron quad stands. They are $$$, but VERY sturdy. Is it overkill? Probably. Imo, unless you're wrestling in your office, the stand brownsfan posted should do the job quite well.
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    To the OP

    I don't like the Chinese pipe fittings and flanges that you used!
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