my holy grail is my GO HUNGRY strategy...........i finally reveal it.................

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  1. u need to realized that discipline is the the holy grail of trading.......and my holy grail for maintaining discipline is to GO HUNGRY............whenever i break my risk management rules i just don't eat the rest of the day..........if i break my risk management rules again the next day then i don't eat the next day either.......pretty soon being disciplined becomes a matter of life and death and i want to live damn it so i become disciplined once again and life is good

    GO HUNGRY whenever u break ur discipline becuz sooner or later ur will have to get used to being hungry when u lose it all becuz of lack of discipline

    i became rather thin when i first engaged in this GO HUNGRY strategy.......but now i am obese once again after becoming disciplined day in and day out
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    whatever it takes to maintain discipline. i like it.

    i have used a similar strategy, but it doesn't involve going hungry. :eek:

    if i make money and do not violate any of my risk mgnt rules then i reward myself by going out to one of my favorite restaurants.

    if i lose money but adhere to all my risk mgnt i consider it a good day and may still have a nice dinner.

    if i make money but violate a risk mgnt rules i eat a plain, basic dinner, nothing special.
  3. I love this idea. I am going to modify this a bit to make it healthier.

    So, if I lost my discipline, it's gonna be just SALAD for dinner for that day!

  4. I lacked the discipline to NOT eat. Pounded a six pack and a pizza, felt better. Capped it off with a couple smokes.


    Just kidding, good technique.

    Stay Hungry.
  5. abstinence may be more effective. :D
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    hmm, if I behave I get ice cold Coors, misbehaving means warm Iron City.
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    Damn it man – you omitted the best one :eek: :p

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    What do you eat for dinner if you lose money AND violate your risk mgnt rules?
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    crackers and water.
  10. I'm typing with 2 fingers right now because I have no other choice. rules are kinda harsh :(
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