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  1. TonyOz


    There is nothing like a good vacation to clear your mind :)

    Hi everyone,

    I had a wonderful time aboard the ship Explorer of the Seas (highly recommended). Then, I had a wonderful time in Miami, but it looks as if I will be staying in California in the near future at least.

    I returned last night and today was my first day trading, and it was a good one.

    The purpose of this post/thread is to point out a few things that I feel are very important. Many of you do not know this, but I am one of the original members of Elite Trader. In fact, I was a regular on this website when Elite Trader had its own chat room which I visited on a daily basis. I think this was early 1998 (Baron, please correct me if I'm wrong). Anyhow, I was a regular on this website long before I had any of my work published, and I plan on staying here.

    Shortly after my first book was published (July 1999), I was frequently challenged and attacked by "newbies" that I felt it wasn't worth it to stick around, and I left.

    While trying to catch up to the "load of emails" I received while I was out of town, I came across messages like this, "I hope you do not stop posting on Elite Trader because of the mindless comments of a few." And "Tony please don't stop posting on Elite because of people like dufferdon." So, I tried to read the threads and saw what happened while I was gone.

    I feel it is very important that I reply to some things that were said about me here.

    ">>>>I would like to pursue the general issue of vendor accountability. As this thread attracted TonyOZ, Brandonf, Toni, ChrisRT and perhaps other members of the on-line vending establishment who I don't recognize this is a reasonable place to continue."

    As I said before, I was a member of this website long before this thread came to being, and I want to make it clear to ALL of you that I do not sell an advisory service, chatroom or whatever.

    Next, " >>> The issue I wish to discuss is the provision of verified results to demonstrate whether the vendor of on-line trading information, whether it be chat-room calls, emailed stock picks or trading methods and tools, can use what he is selling to actually make money in the markets.

    If you are referring to my scanner, please see the attached file. I found the stock using my Power Trader Scan today and you can see how I did on it.

    As I said before, I have no problem with questioning anyone who provides paid-for services. On the contrary, I encourage it as long as it is done in good taste by a SUBSCRIBER to that service publically or by a potential subscriber privately. I think that would be the proper way of doing that.

    Now, I don't feel that I need to prove that I can make money trading or have confidence in my trading ability. But, check out the upcoming Online Trading Expo how many live trading presentations do you see offered by anyone other than me? Obviously, I have nothing to hide. By the way, my presentations are free and I'm not getting paid for them, so I will gain nothing financial by posting these events here.

    Oh and by the way, I make a couple of bucks on a book I sell, so even if all those who responded to my poll (all 76 of them) buy my book, I will make $150.00. Do you really think this is the motive behind my posts? Unfortunately, almost 30% of you think that I abuse this board. So, as I said before, you can put me on ignore, because I plan on being very active on this board next year, I might even do my own journal also :)

    Anyhow, when you question someone's credibility, you put that person on the defensive, and this is what happened to some great posters here in the past and they simply left. Sibrag, Win, Spacegold to name a few. But, I decided that I will stay and contribute as long as I have the extra time to do so.

    So, I will see you all in January, and I will start some threads that are directly related to trading and spend a few hours a week there answering questions and discussing stock plays, past trades, potential picks etc. I hope that we can keep the 30% who think I abuse the boards off my threads. It'd be great if we could block their IP Addresses :D

    Trade Smart Everyone!

    Tony Oz

    PS, I'm long 6000 shares overnight and the open P&L is not included. The number only represents the P&L of closed positions. I traded the stock many times today.

    PSS, Hitman, where would I be on your firm's list today ? :)
  2. janko


    This is great, i was really hoping we would get you back on the boards. To me presonaly, any information i can obtain from an experienced trader for free thorugh such board as ET is invaluable. So tony please keep posting and educating the beginners and the experienced as well, I look forward to learning. And to all those who mock and just talk a lot of BS, just start a new thread and leave this one alone. thnx.:cool:
  3. You're right.... Don't be on the defensive never :) :) :)
    People are always sceptical when someone gives them good tips. They don't understand that you may do something without getting anything in return.
    I don't know you much, and I will certainly read your book in a few weeks, but I find it amazing that a guy made money in a bearish market playing just long. and I wanted to ask you a question : Why weren't you short at that time. All the technical indicators were bearish and the market looked bad????

    If I am saying that it is only because I was bearish at that time but I did not have the ability to short the market and I played it long like you, but if I was able to short I would have done it. :) :) :)

    Good luck to you and you are more than welcome at elite

    A recent member that found very rich info on this website
  4. Tony:
    Keep up with your postings. I feel that the comments you receive correlate with the trading success of the participents.
  5. TonyOz


    The rules set for the challenge period prior to starting it did not allow any shorts. It made it a lot more challenging to say the least ...

  6. tony,

    great post.. im glad you arent letting the simple minded run you off.. btw.. an online journal would be awesome.. maybe barron could make you a moderator of your own thread.. that way you can just delete off-topic bitching..

  7. Hitman



    You beat the number one guy at my firm today by a VERY substantial margin.

    That said to be fair, it will be helpful if you post your numbers everyday, so far it seems every time you posted it is a monster day, I am not questioning your ability, but I think it would generate a lot more awe if you show the full picture, as it is almost inevitable that people would think that you only post your winners and hide your losers.
  8. I was also in the same conditions but it was not a challenge...

    Well done:) :) :)
  9. Well Tony thats $6 you've made from me already, three great books, keep em coming!
  10. TonyOz


    Good point!

    I will do a journal of all trades sometime next year.

    FWIW, I did not have any losers to hide in a while (thank God). My last losing week was in July, and I didn't have any significant losing days since then as well.

    The only reason I posted the trades was to answer the challenge by dufferdon and those who wonder if I trade off my scanner or not. The reason I asked you the question was to have some comparison measurement to shut up skeptics.

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