My high school summer job: trading the NQ

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  1. Relax, I'm not looking for empathy here from the fact that I'm 17. I'm just telling it like it is.

    Anyways, down to the real deal. I want to give you my background on trading. Ever since freshman year I've developed a strong interest in trading and the markets in general. I started out trading virtually what everyone pretty much starts out with: stocks. That summer I traded with 2000 bucks and managed to make a decent return of 800 after taxes.

    Anyways, this winter I discovered the magical little thing called futures. For the last 5 months approx, I have been trading the NQ through the NT sim, (which is ultra realistic). Anyways, this Monday I finally plan to go live with $2000 dollars.

    Let's go into detail about how I plan to tackle this thing.

    My strategy is very simple, a retard could probably learn it, no joke. But it's effective. Basically, I trade new highs/lows and strong points of S/R. If price breaks these points, I trade in one direction, if it fails to break, I'll trade in the other.

    My stop is 1.5 points, and I don't use limit or anything like that, just market orders. Yes, sometimes there are moves SO volatile that price just BLOWS through my stop, however, occasions like that are pretty rare.

    My time frame is pretty tight, I only trade from 10 30 to 12 00. I'm not full time on this project, I'm very serious about it.

    Anyways, I have full confidence in my plan, and I know now that I (hopefully) will be follow it religiously.

    Any questions/comments/thoughts will be appreciated.

    SPARTANS, PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!! My battle against Mr Market starts Monday
  2. Don't worry. There's no empathy here, just antipathy, and plenty of it.

    I can tell you're really 17 because you keep saying "anyways".
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    Anyways, I'm bringing popcorn to this show. If this kid can keep his eyes on the charts and not high-speed internet porn he just may make it, anyways...
  4. How can you trade without stops if you're constantly answering text messages on your phone? Sounds suicidal.
  5. This might AMAZE and SHOCK you. But I don't have a phone :eek: !!! Seriously. I use IM, but that can be turned off. But 98% of the people in my age group do.
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  7. What's this "might" stuff? Dood, what are you, Amish or something?
  8. Look, I was just assuming that you thought that I, like every other teenager, have a phone at hand 24/7. And, I'm not as immature as you imagine me to be, so let's just get that straight. I'm not like most people my age who can't tell you the year WW2 ended. I am guessing you also doubted how serious I am about this, and think that I'm gonna loose all my $ because I'm too "undisciplined" or "immature" to think about pussy/friends instead of trading, right ?
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    Well you won me over :D

    How can I help?
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    I will teach how to trade Dude, if you recruit some 18 year old pussy that like dirty old men!

    **(not that old)
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