my heart goes out to STOCK_TRAD3R

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  1. my heart bleeds for that poor bastard. in fact i think he is Larry Kudlow's bastard child. how can he be so bullish and yet sooooo wrong !!!! stock_trad3r was spewing his irrational bullishness for months and even as significant support levels were breached. i'd hate to see his portfolio and i strongly suspect he has resorted to drugs to ease the pain. will stock_trad3r be posting his bullish rants today even though any bounce will be short lived on that bs inflation number that came out this morning?i'm heading to the hamptons but will check periodically to see if stock_trad3r is still bullish.
  2. Stock Turder, u are in our hearts !
  3. Unfortunately I think that we will hear from him again. It's about time for a new turd index isn't it, now the latest one has crashed and burned...
  4. i have a feeling stock_trad3r drinks and takes drugs before he posts. just a feeling i have. nobody can be that wrong!
  5. allin


    For those of you who need some perspective, the Dow is down 1185 points (9.38%) since his post. What a rally!
  6. My portfolio is doing fine, thank you.

    This has been the worst June since the great Depression but my account isn't down.

    MOS and V did really well this year even with the markets in the crapper.

    There are no rebound rallies, no fed intervention, no rate cuts, infusion, no bailouts, nothing.
  7. Cool that your picks are doing well.

    as for the rate cuts, etc., that was the ONLY thing propping up the overall markets during that last rally. Fundamentals are terrible, and growing worse. If your bullish analysis is based on future cuts, you have things backwards. that means the FED sees serious troubles ahead. besides, they can't cut much anymore anyway (if at all, barring a complete collapse). too much inflation out there, and dollar already too weak.
  8. Apparently, his real problem is, a low IQ. He admitted it was only measured at 90.

    It is sad more than anything else
  9. I love this classic quote from him the other day.

    "Geez, the market can't even rally here!! People need to stop selling! Why is everyone selling??"
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