My hear bleeds for those about to retire

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NY_HOOD, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. because of wall streets greed and irresponsible actions,good people are the ones getting hurt. the guy that broke his ass atan assembly plant,the steady eddie who always showed up for work on time and did his job,the guy that works 2 jobs to send his kids to college and to make sure his family can have food on the table. they are the true warriors,the tru g's and they are getting hurt because of wall streets greed. these innocent people did'nt play the market they were guilty of what AMERICAN'S ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. SAVE THEIR MONEY IN A COLLEGE AND RETIREMENT ACCOUNT.
  2. Not to mention those who lived within their means, didn't carry excessive debt, didn't overbuy on a house or car purchase. Those who paid off their credit card balance every month. Those who never missed a mortgage payment. Those who paid off their mortgage without giving in to the temptation to refinance and take out gobs of home equity cash.

    These prudent folks will carry the rest of the idjits out there, if they survive.
  3. This is a work till you die death sentence for most blue collar workers. Most will never be able to retire. Anyone over the age of 50 will die on the job.