My guess is Obama knows he is toast and I think that he has

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  1. quit his job, not that he didn't anything much except vaca anyway.

    For instance, Russia is moving shit to Syria. Soon to follow will likely be troops. What does Obama say about it? Not a damn thing cuz it don't make a shit to him what happens. He hates this country.

    Just start observing events going down in the world and notice how much Obama is missing from the picture.

    He has quit and he is in pure fuck off mode.
  2. Ricter


    So you do believe we should become more involved in Syria?
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Of all the things you can legitimately criticize Obama over, this aint one of them, the Neo Cons are trying to make political hay out of this and Iran as if we can simply go in there guns blazing and fix the situation, and its total bullshit, this has the potential to lead to World War 3.
  4. He didn't even show up for Memorial Day. When I say quit, I mean in the literal sense.
  5. That's why he needs to get involved. The US has always been the stabilizing force in the Mid East but we are totally disengaged now.

    Its the same thing Carter did when he created the Iranian problem.

    No way they would have done it if Bush was still in charge however they know Obama is weak and will let them do what they want.
  6. The problem is not Syria, it is that Putin can smell weakness two continents away. He is always looking for some way to stick his finger in Obama's eye.

    Ironically, this is one thing Obama could legitimately blame Bush for. Bush spent 8 years rubbing the russkies nose in the fact that they lost the Cold War. We expanded NATO to their doorstep and took many other provocative acts. Instead of letting them keep some dignity and a zone of influence, we pissed on them. Payback time.
  7. Great,another neo con looking for another war.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Maybe our best bet is to negotiate with the Russians, so we can sell the Rebels weapons, and they can continue to sell the Syrian Government weapons, we can fight a proxy war with the russians..... whereby we can both boost our egos and make money off the syrians demise, with out that one pesky down side of war.... our own citizens dying..... :(

    Im sure that this will inevitably be the solution.....

    Reminds me of this line from Lord Of War: "Did you ever consider that I wanted both sides to lose"

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  9. 15 trillion in debt,trillion dollar deficits,our troops are killing themselves by way of suicide in record numbers,its estimated that we are going to spend over 5 trillion in the coming years in medical and disability cost for our troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan,we needed back door drafts and multiple deployments because military recruiting is down because of wars

    The war mongering neo cons don't give a shit though,lets spend trillions more and start a draft so we can have wars in Iran,Syria and possibly WW3
  10. That $5T is bullshit. Its a number that has been going around for years. It was made by some asshole democrat. Just think for a second how much money that is and then you tell me how you spend that much money?? It's absurd yet the libs keep throwing it around and believing it.

    I would suggest Obama get involved diplomatically first. No one is suggesting we go to war but Obama has let the door open for Russia to get in and if/when the troops arrive then what can he do then?
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