My guess is below 8000

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pclark, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. pclark


    I think we are going to end up around 7500 before things turn around. Anybody agree or disagree?

  2. rtp100


    shorting 1 car on ES could make you money

    instead you waste your time here :eek:

    I assume you don't know how to trade so I am telling you this

    those who know how, don't do the above

    but you can
  3. Mvic


    Disagree, unless we are facing a depression which I highly doubt given the level of economic activity around the world and the money on the sidelines that will be put to work once value is visisble again, 8000 is probably the lowest we can fall and that will be result in a massive V bottom if we go there. Somewhere between here and 8000 is a bottom that will last for my lifetime (I'm in my late 30's).
  4. S2007S


    Took many people going to be caught off guard when this market does turn around. It seems everyone predicting 7000 or 8000 think it's going to take place as early as this week. I see significant rallies before we drop to levels not seen since 2001-2002.
  5. pclark



    What the hell are you talking about dumb ass? I'm not talking about making money and trading. I am talking about where the market is headed and where I think it might go. This has nothing to do w/telling anyone to short the market. I wanted to get others opinons. If you can have an opinion about what I asked about fine other wise have a coke and shut the f up.
  6. I'm looking at 8000 based on my charts.
  7. pclark


    I have heard some think maybe up to 11,500 before it falls again. I just don't see it making that far back up before we see it drop. I see it trying to go 10k and then not making it. After that to 8K.