My Grandma bought Facebook at 42

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ChkitOut, May 29, 2012.

  1. I told her it would be a good way to double her life savings. I'm starting to worry about grandma.
  2. Time to join that class-action lawsuit!!!!

    Then sue everyone at FB for 11 trillion.

    Settle for a few billion.

    After lawyers' fees....few million.

  3. JamesL


    Sell the calls. Nibble it back.
  4. pupu


    Time to feed the wolves
  5. lwlee


    How's grandpa taking it?

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  6. BUTfr


    Tell her this:

    The book is on sale now at 30 dollars (She doesn't know the difference between a book and a facebook), she lost only 12 dollars, it's about the price of an early-bird meal at Golden Coral.
  7. what about widows and orphans...........?

    they deserve some too.


  8. tell her to never frown and average down :D
  9. hajimow


    Seriously tell her to get rid of the shares at market now. A week from now, it will be at $19. Now the longs are in denail and pain. They cannot accept the fact that they are holding a bag of crap.
  10. just snapped a photo of her checking her portfolio on etrade.

    poor grams.

    #10     May 29, 2012