My Godfather took all the loans and credit he could, just before the collapse

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Cicero, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Cicero


    just before hyperinflation and complete economic meltdown, my godfather took out and cashed 50 000 in cash

    and with other credit loans bought lots of land worth over 400 000

    he never paid back a dime


    well there was civil war and all the banks were burned, so no one ever asked him for their money :D This was 20 years ago almost

    So when do we load up on credit and credit cards, is it time yet :)
  2. loza

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    what godforsaken country was this incident, oh pray tell?

    (The US did not have a "civil war" 20-years ago, so it must have been in Africa? )
  3. Cicero


    Yugoslavia 1990, that little country next to Italy, below Austria :)
  4. Cicero


    so anybody has any ideas, when do we load up on credit we'll never pay back ?
  5. Dude, go for it now. WTF you waiting for?

    I would get all the money you could and stash it away.
  6. Cicero


    cash is worthless you gotta buy land or gold

    if US government can take debt they never plan on paying back, Why can't I do the same
  7. COLD, you think that buying land will work??? The govt, military, hell a survivalist group will come on your land and TAKE it from you if they want.

    Nothing is sacred.

  8. +1 ... :eek:
  9. the best way to profit from what is going to happen is to not lose anything. the chances of maintaining wealth is unlikely let alone making it.

    i think you underestimate the severity of the situation ask buylosellhi.
  10. I'm best buds with BLSH (LOL), I know all about how bad things are, despite the rose colored glasses folks are wearing.

    I just don't think buying land and defaulting on it is the thing to do (as you have staed in your post), and I was agreeing with R. RAS that a mob could be a pretty bad thing to deal with.
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