My God I won lottery I am gonna day trade stocks now

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  1. First I am gonna take a huge vacation HHUUUGGEEEEEEEEEE
    Me and wifey are gonna relax big time I always wanted to trade stocks but never had the money and now I can make my salary in few days :) :)
    I don't want to say my name or which lottery ticket is in millsions :)
  2. BpTrader, is that you?
  3. Congratulation!!!

    Also, have fun with the stock market!
  4. ElCubano


    have you ever seen the episode of "Lottery Nightmares"? You should... :D
  5. You will easily make a million a month in trading alone.

    It only takes about an hour a day, so take a 30 day vacation and get a head start on those multi millions!!!

    Woot woot!!!
  6. spd


    I made 2 million today! I use the red light/green light Wizetrade methods!!
  7. oh I am not gonna work hard no way so much easier to make money with a lot of money and I am buying mercedes and BMW both
  8. How much experience do you have trading and being consistently profitable?....if not much, then you can kiss ur lotto winnings goodbye within a short amt of time.
  9. This is totally gonna work out for you man!
  10. Pay no attention to this. There are so many pessimistic folks out there trying to keep you from the markets.

    Do not let them discourage you!!

    You will need the beamer and benz to validate your trading prowess!

    I recommend Kompressor
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