MY God Hsi down almost 1000 points

Discussion in 'Trading' started by robinxing, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. I never saw such great range

    what is wrong wit HSI
  2. rcj


    Yep....been steady down all evening ... over 1k dwn now.

    edit. -960
  3. Lil' panic over Macquarie bank it seems
  4. stock, you'll sound more intelligent if you actually stopped posting. Other people are annoying, but you are just plain dumb.
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  6. mokwit


    We could have a game of 'spot the paper trader' without leaving this thread.
  7. very crazy day
  8. Mate the HSI is down around 3% what is the big deal? Were you long?
  9. You are a twat "not a stock_trad3r"
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