My goal is 15% a year... so what strategy?

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  1. I am targeting to make a 15% a year on average (some years maybe 10%, other 20%...).

    What instrument are you suggesting to trade (options, futures, stocks...)?

    What strategy (covered calls, trend following, swing trading ...)?

    All your inputs are welcome.

  2. Look for a boutique broker.

    Usually they invite clients rather than the other way around.

    Generally the yield is 60% per year.
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    Watch Krammer.
  4. The first thing you are doing right is having realistic goals. A blend approach in stocks is all I know so I will say it's the best. Foreign stocks bought on their own exchanges can add 10% to your return when the dollar is doing what it is currently doing, so have some overseas stocks. Have some biotech it's always relevant. Decide what you like to follow and pick a couple bad boys, beaten down stocks to buy and hold, and surround them with momentum plays and you should do just fine. I too shoot for the same targets of 20% and what helps me is to have an online account that starts at $80K and when it gets over $100K I tend to clear it back down to $80. That way I am always forcing myself to sell stuff because you never really make money until you sell. And it also helps protect me because over the years I have noticed that $120K is about as far as it ever goes from $80K> corrections come, they always do and I quite regularly see my account knocked back down to the $105K area. All of this is much easier to track when it's separated out. I have a larger account and despite many, many years playing the market I still feel more comfortable having someone I trust manage it. Hope this helps. ~ Stoney
  5. 30% a year
  6. If you make 15% why does the instrument matter? 15% is 15%. Why are you focused on the actual underlying instrument instead of on:

    1) Do you have any investment skill, experience, knowledge, or know how to begin with?

    2) Have you ever traded any of those instruments?

    3) Was 15% a target based on exhaustive research into your past trading practices and past performance whereby you have developed a certain consistency to produce results or is 15% the same as targeting losing 20 pounds during the holidays.

    4) Are you new to investing and therefore expect to make double digit returns on average? Is that more sane than a rookie golf player wanting to make below par on average each year, sometimes above a little, sometimes below a little?

    5) Is this sinking in :)

  7. You want a tip to make 30% a year.....hmmmmm Stock Trader


    and buy with the prayer of a JAPAN rebound....


    AND THIS years good ones KYO, KNM, TM, HMC, FUJIY, CAJ

    This is horrible advice, but I thought it would be funny for old Stock Trader.....Be the Contrarian and play around with thinly traded Japanese ADR's...

    That's my best guess of a buy and hold strategy for 2007-----I doubt many even thought about something this outside the norm....

    It could work and if the dollar begins to show some strength you could get a nice bounce in the Nikkei.....

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    dac8555 this guys says...he is a regular friggin Soros i tell ya.
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