My Global Warming Idea...

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  1. Buy up all the land in Antarctica... when the ozone breaks, if there are still spots in Antarctica where the exposure from the UV rays can be minimized, it should become very useable land and seize to be a barren wasteland. This might take 40 or 50 years to pan out, but I don't see anything unreasonable about a 10,000%+ increase in the value of land... unless someone more scientifically savy than me can find the hole in my idea. There has to be one.
  2. It is not for sale. There is an international treaty that keeps Antarctica from being claimed by any nation. Anyone getting cute would find the wrath of many nations breathing down their neck.

    Further, it has been covered by ice for over 500,000 years. A little warmth is not going to turn it into wheat fields for you in 50 years. It regularly gets down to 100 below in spots, and the winds are incredible.

    But send me a check for $10,000 and I will sell you a few hundred acres... I will even throw in the penguins for free
  3. Nice try....maybe you should google the idea first before posting here.

    According to international treaty, no one (not even any countries) owns Antartica. So there's no one to buy land from.

    I'm sure the penguins will take your money though (although they prefer fish).
  4. I did Google it, and I Wiki'd Antarctica. It seems many nations own claims to different parts of it.

    Oh well. I tried :(.
  5. Try least its owned by the Danish, and it's closer to NY.:D
  6. Global Warming? I think it's more a myth than scientific fact, that is, at least where one thinks that man has the power to alter the atmosphere.

    In the 1970's, believe it or not, there was a Global Cooling scare, so this is a welcome sign. Google it and see!
  7. Really?

    Ever been in downtown LA? Or how about Moscow?
  8. Oh my goodness. I have been in downtown LA. Therefore, global warming must be true.

    However, I've also been to places in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, global warming is false.

    I assume you have a point with your downtown questions.... But the most obvious answer to your implied question is the heat island effect.
  9. Well, I live in Montana, near Glacier National Park, and the glaciers here are definitely melting away.

    Global warming is definitely occurring. HOWEVER, I believe long term earth cycles have much more affect on global climate than anything that man does. Man didn't create the prior ice ages, nor the conditions that caused tropical conditions in Alberta (which created all that oil and coal up there).
  10. Agreed. Glaciers have been melting for hundreds and thousands of years. Whatever happened to the Wisconsin Glacier that covered most of North America and formed the Great Lakes?

    The fact that temperatures have risen in LA or Moscow is much more dependent on the heat island effect.
    Just listen to the weather forecasts on the radio. Especially the night time forecasts. They'll predict something like 60 for the city and 55 for the suburbs. Global warming would warm both areas up equally, but the city has grown much warmer than rural areas. And as cities and their suburbs grow, the city gets hotter and hotter. So looking at LA's temperature over the last 100 year will show you the heat island effect, not global warming.
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