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    here i s a song for everyone-it really will wake you up. it starts off a bit slow that gets extremely fast and very heavy. i mean harcore,heavier than metallica who i cannot sand except some older songs.

    hey boys and girls come and gather round
    gonna sing a little diddy bout ol joe bob

    well ol joe bob's not around today but his spirit lives on i'm sorry to say
    (now it gets fast and heavy)
    Ol Joe Bob was a good ol boy,
    Dressed in sheets, a rope his toy.
    Thought he was tough - a real man,
    A Knight of the Ku Klux Klan.
    It made him sick when people claimed;
    "It's only skin we're all the same"
    Then one night he hit the sack,
    When he woke up he was black.
    Was no joke, was no dream,
    Joe Bob Black could only scream;
    "Oh my God! Holy Shit!"

    "Oh sweet Jesus won'tcha look at me,
    Its like a fire at the firehouse,
    How could this be?
    I'm like a doctor who get cancer
    Lord hear my prayers
    There's a fire at the firehouse,
    And its not fair!"

    Now Joe Bob, he was scared
    And the KKK was mad.
    So he tried to explain;
    "It's only skin, I'm still the same."
    They hung Joe Bob from a tree.
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    RIMM go red
    RIMM go black
    RIMM go under 30
    dat be a fact
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    RIMM In da red and be goin to bed
    RIMM gettin sold
    smellin like cheese wit mold