My gamble trade

Discussion in 'Options' started by CaptainObvious, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. shorted the qqqxp Dec. put @ .60
    Don't know crap about option pricing. Rarely trade them. Just playing a hunch that the market blows off later this week. We'll see if the casino trade pays off.
  2. You sold a put and you think the market is going to "blow off". I hope "blow off" does not mean decrease in price.
  3. My mistake in terminology. Bought a dec. put. Was just testing ya':p
  4. Not so obvious after all eh.....
  5. Touche' I have a feeling I'm going to never live this down.:eek:
  6. Buying puts at market highs is almost a sure way to lose money. You might get lucky, but generally you will lose money.


    FWIW the man said his gamble trade :cool:
  8. You obviously have no clue about options. I can find much worse bets than getting long gamma and vega at "market tops". Please stay in forex land.
  9. I know from experience that buying puts at this time is not a good idea. Might get lucky on this trade but if you always try and time the "market top" with puts you will lose money. QQQQ puts are very tempting because they are so cheap.
  10. ah shit, u bot puts.

    and i thot we topped.:(
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