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  1. been a long time, glad to be back. I've been working super hard at getting consistent trading futures. it has been a long journey filled with frustration. it is nice to see progress. after really getting my practice down and focusing on becoming elite.

    the recent crypto selloff has me getting back to futures. in an effort to get serious about this, i took a 2 week sprint to practice replays, journal and track trades, patterns, habits and routines. most important to play. to learn, to grow.

    i am now ready to create a thread and share my journey in the days ahead and share my results.

    in an effort to grow myself as an elite trader, i hope this thread may also help others be inspired to do the same.
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    My aim is to improve the profit factor and win to loss ratio to at least 3x. i am also aiming to get the Exit Trade Draw Down Lower, but not at the cost of the trade. (mostly 1 contract trades)

    max loss moved to $500
    that $1200 loss was unacceptable and me just trading to fill boredom and somehow resist being on the wrong side of the trade.

    Also, knowing that i have the skill to get in anywhere, releases my need to be right on a certain entry.
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    at the open price action was ripping higher, so i started looking into shorts. as i have learned from practice, to keep my opinions loosely held. i noticed price action started to develop what looked like an upward swing. i really like the MPL multi pivot lines. price worked through it.

    As price hit the center line, i took a long with stops under those pin bars. the correction did not wash and rinse too hard and i kept moving my stop up under confirmed lows. My target was set just under the upper median line because i had FOMO the price would sell off. which it later did and actually hit my line. in the future i need to continue to let go of the outcome of the trade.
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  5. A very good day. brought the profit factor and win/loss ratio above 3 and the ETD Down.
    A true test today to really be intentional and to know what it means to be in the seat. When i am in the trading seat, i am to honor the work that is being done and maintain boundaries at almost all costs. keep the phone in Airplane mode.

    today in session (With airplane mode off after calling the SEC about a Reg D exemption) my daughter (unexpectedly) asked me to pick her up from the auto mechanic., i said i would if i could. a trade opportunity came and she was pissed because her time to get ready for some time with friends would be impacted. (auto shops are huge time sucks). I desired to keep on the trade = daughter pissed at me. not everyone appreciates the work at hand, especially when her dad is trying to level up.

    when i make boundaries that others do not like, the world pukes back in my face. Somehow this drama got in my head because she hung up on me and now not speaking to me.

    this is work and the capital under my discretion requires my best.


    it was a monster trade and i did not pick up the rest because of the head trash after getting stopped. The desire to get more is always there. the criticism of the trade remains as well. we cannot be where we are not, so be where you are and be there fully.


    a good day for me. cannot wait to increase the size, but not yet...not just yet.
  6. my take on the NAZ 20 min. Price in consolidation. will it continue up or reverse? we'll see. upload_2022-6-7_15-44-8.png
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  7. today was a monster day with multiple short sale entries in the mid session. however i did not catch the meat of the selling. WHY? i did not adapt and kept looking for buys. eventually i chose to walk away and go exercise. came back and grabbed what i consider the best quality trade on the day where price came down perfectly for a wash and rinse where i entered long on the stop hunters and rode it up until my target.

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  8. Hey I see we have similar strategy, but it seemed like you mastered it.

    Can we connect?
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  9. sure. first master oneself. always growing, always learning
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