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  1. I'm not smart enough to pinpoint entries or exits. been doing this awhile. posting my positions here mainly for myself.

    small size, building positions, staying away from the "heat"

    entered these trades for the start of the journal (not ideal entries) but using small size and building something bigger.

    sell gbp/jpy 121.36
    sell eur/jpy 103.46
    sell gbp/usd 1.5776

    i will average up/down/in, whatever you want to call it until i realize im wrong or i feel i've exploited as much profits as i could
  2. selling some eur/usd 1.3465
  3. buy usd/cad 1.0236
  4. added some more sell gbp/usd 1.5725
  5. close gbp/jpy 121.26 +10 pips
    close eur/jpy 103.59 -13 pips
    close gbp/usd 1.5725 -8 pips
    close eur/usd 1.3462 +3 pips
    close usd/cad 1.0236 +52 pips
  6. selling some gbp/jpy 120.95
  7. btw open to discussion of forex markets (spot or futures) here. also poker as a side discussion is cool as well as im trying to get a little more serious with that.

    i dont plan on discussing anything specific and dont expect anyone one else to, but sometimes you can find a diamond in the lump of well coal of discussions.

    side note...been smoking cigars for the last 6-12 months as well, so would be cool to discuss that as well, good cigars? nice weekend smoke? after a big day? bad day? etc
  8. buy usd/cad 1.0391
    sell gbp/usd 1.5640
  9. kickout


    whats logic on long usd/cad at 1.0391? chasing $$ strength too much?

    EDIT: Let me clarify. I like long usd/cad, but not at that price (unless your a very long term player)

  10. edit yes i am i think its at least going to 1.06 i'm not worried about it taking a little bit of heat in the short term, ill add more or take some off accordingly
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