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  1. Hi to all,

    I want to start a new thread, just some charts that I make and I want expose here, I hope that all can like of that. :)

    My first chart in ET Forum is from EurUsd (of course, the major cross from Forex Market!).

    So, I still believe that is possible EurUsd can grow again after this big deep of EurUsd after friday, after the Payroll and Trichet spoke (Euribor Tax 6 month deep to a minium...)...

    The Up channel, still there and I think that will be not be broke very soon... Now 1.2180 is the next resistence and we are now in a support zone.

    Good trades to all!
  2. AudUsd, is in interesting moment now, after broken the down trend line, in 4 Hour Chart, seems that now can be rise a little more....

    Check the attachment to see the chart and give your opinion.
  3. Now I am getting some signals to buy EurUsd, probably and after the EurUsd not refuse the trend line at 1.2070, it seems to me that now is time to rise a little, who knows that can be again in 1.2300... :cool:

    See the attachment to check the chart (4 Hours EurUsd)
  4. My chart 4 hour about EurGbp, is giving some signal that is possible reverse the trend now...

    All indicators now are showing a oversold moment and as we are in the support zone (0.6940), if market don't keep it probably is possible that EurGbp can test again the maximiun from this month...

    Well, tonight it will be important to check the reaction...

    Good luck and nice trades! :)

    See the attachment to check the chart:
  5. As of 11pm PST, my rsi is now advancing above 50 and the price is bouncing of the daily support channel line (in orange) and is now topping the 50 sma sma (in white). A strong rise in the next hour would be a sure long signal.
  6. CHF as now just broke an hourly RT Channel with momentum down. This would help confirm a weaker dollar against the EUR but the GBP and JPY are still staying put.
  7. Hi Cruiser,

    I am also expecting that, but the market now is very quite and EurUsd is again at 1.2100...

    Hummm, waiting for US markets? Let see what will happen today!
  8. EurYen is moving probably to test againg 144.70, the new high from April, and if Euro wake up during this afternoon we will get see that... :D
  9. Looks like usd/jpy is finally getting some short term direction. Price has broken below the 50 sma which it has been riding up on for the past few days.
  10. Opps. Here is the pic.
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