My first post on ET in 5 years. Has the signal-to-noise ratio improved here? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bluelou, Jan 13, 2021 at 11:33 AM.

  1. bluelou


    Hi there,
    It's been 5 years since I last signed into EliteTrader. Back then, spammy replies, amateurism, and weak content moderation were a real problem for me. In catching up on reading in this particular channel it seems things might have changed for the better. Is there more of a real-money, non-retail trader presence here now?

  2. Turveyd


    No change, 98% losers, that pretend otherwise, Elite is used Ironically!!
  3. zdreg


    There is a larger group of knowledgeable traders with the organic growth of ET. However as a percentage of posters they have declined.
    PS The platform itself is more useful because Baron tweaks it on a regular basis.
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  4. im not sure why but it has gotten better in the past 2 months..
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  5. bluelou


    I'm okay with the percentage going down, as long as there's one go-to channel where professional traders are active and the horde is kept at bay. That would make it worth the effort. Thx for your reply.
  6. themickey


    I've found it helps lots to follow the posters who have good trading experience and ruthlessly put on ignore the posters who are problematic or very inexperienced.
    Not reading posts or missing part of a conversation because they are on ignore is not a problem.
    People seem to believe missing part of the thread of a conversation is a big deal when in fact it isn't.
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  7. Pekelo


    So, why don't you tell us about YOUR last 5 years?
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  8. toby400


    Yes -usual garbage and inflated ego's with the exception of a few people, like Volpri,for example, who post thought provoking material.
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  9. bluelou


    A timely comment :) I just learned how to put someone on 'ignore' on this thread. Thx

    BTW, when someone is put on 'Ignore' does that mean they can't see your posts either? It would be nice to be able to hide from someone you don't want to hear from.
  10. Elite Trader = water cooler talk and chit chat.