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Discussion in 'Forex' started by tinusp, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Ok here we go, I'm new to forex trading and planning to move to real money soon (just small money but to make it realistic).

    Basic money management: I start with $5000 and will not risk more than 2% in any trade.

    I'm explaining my thoughs for entering into the trades, please explain if something is fundamentally wrong or something that can just never be profitable, have a ball, i'm ready for crit because I basically know nothing. Also look at how I change stop loss and take profit levels.

    Trade 1: EUR/USD long at 1.3680 for 40,000 units with initial stoploss at 1.3657 (a support level in the upward channel) [23 pips] and take profit level to be determined later. Reason for entering the trade just following the upward trend channel on the 5min graph.

    Trade 2: Limit order to sell USD/JPY if it reaches 117.96 for 50000 units with initial stoploss at 118.18 [22pips] and take profit to be adjusted. The level has been supported 3 times and it it breaks I expect good downside.
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    Trade 1:
    Change (a)

    Move my stop loss to 1.3674 (maximum loss now 6 pips).
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    Trade 1:
    Change (b)

    Move my stop loss to 1.3682 (minimum 2 pips profit)
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    Trade 3:

    Limit orders:

    Current: 0.8545

    Whichever hits first:
    Buy 40,000 at 0.8551 with stop loss 0.8525 [26 pips]
    Sell 40,000 at 0.8463 with stop loss 0.8490 [27 pips]
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    Trade 1:
    Change (c)

    Move my stop loss to 1.3685 (minimum 5 pips profit)
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    Trade 1 (d)

    Changed stop loss to 1.3690 (min profit 10 pips)

    Trade 3 (a)

    Limit order executed and doing well, moved stop loss to 0.8553 (min profit 2 pips)
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    Mmm Trade 3 hit the stop loss just after i set it. The price made a big downward spike which i could only see on the 10 second graph. Is this something that happens often?

    Anyway profit of 2 pips on trade 3.
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    Hit my stop loss for trade 1 up 10 pips.

    New bankroll: $5045-23