My first Nikkei 225 SGXNKM trade

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by forex-forex, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. My first Nikkei 225 SGXNKM trade.
    • Buy 1 SGXNKM Futures MAR08 NSH08 @ 13,786.00.
    • Stop @ 13,686.00.
    • Limit @ 13,886.00.
    • Open gap down @ 13,374.00.
    • Loss 412 points / 41,800 JPY / 400 USD.
    I placed the order last night with a 100 point stop but the gap down created a much larger loss and I got stopped out at the open. My question is how do I get rid of the minus 41,800 JPY? I tried buying 41,800 JPY through "JPY, Cash, IDEAL, USD, JPY.USD" but that seems to open a new position in JPY.USD. I'm with Interactive Brokers.

    Also it looks like holding the Nikkei 225 overnight is not a good idea, in this case anyways.
  2. How unfortunate my limit would have been hit today for a 100 point profit.