my first GOLD trade

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  1. gold appears to be setting up for a continued downwave. i will be shorting the gold futures when the line @ 4024 is broken.

    this is my first metal trade. see attached chart action for details.


  2. the GOLD chart
  3. nice chart ... almost as colorful as harry's

    what month do you intend to short ?
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    seem like cash lead future, wonder if this is the case
  5. has become a bullion dealer in spot

    please please ... remember April 04 is lead contract

    starting later this week with rollover

    so F 04 ? nope don't even think of it
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    Is this a daytrade or position hold?
    Is your objective on the downside 390?

    Looks Good!

    Dave Scott
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    Nice Chart.

    Is there usually such a nice correlation between the stocks and futures. The XAU definitely gave a much earlier and cleaner signal to trade then did the futures

    Lower risk entry at 425-430 risking to the the high 432?

    Thanks for that bit of info.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Scott

  8. it will be a position hold if triggered. this is my first foray into metals.

    thanks !

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  10. Those wanting to short gold might want to wait until 415 stops are taken out (based on Apr contract) before deciding.
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