My fellow traders I need your advice on Proposing to one of them Females

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  1. First of all, I am a bit abrasive, and when it comes to females I really don’t have that “touch”

    What I am talking about is you know when you hold her down the street ETC.

    Well this stuff is hard for me, my extreme intelligence gets in the way.

    I once beat a guy with a baseball bat so I am not a pussy OK.
    (maybe I shouldn’t have used a bat, but what’s done is done)

    But I am shy when it comes to women.

    And when I do talk I find that ladies simply can't handle the shit coming out of my mouth. For crying out loud I am a Remote Viewer and a lucid Dreamer. Since age of 16.

    So you see my dilemma right ????

    So I used my intellect to solve my problem in the ONLY WAY I know how.

    I will come up to female I desire and I will say.

    Hi. My name is so and so. I would like to briefly tell you about why I am talking to you.
    You see I focused my whole life on being financially successful in business sector. It took enormous energy and dedication to achieve financial freedom.

    But now I find that since my business goals are established I find that its not enough and so I am looking for a relationship and a wife.

    I really like you and am wondering if you would be willing to get to know each other little better.

    OK people this is the best shit I am able to come up with, Please ADVISE

    should I at this point mention that she will need to eventually produce few offspring etc
  2. go to therapy first
  3. LOL are you joking
  4. you dont have to be screwed up to go to therapy, go to a girl therapist
  5. lookup dating advice online
  6. oh you mean one of those lessons on female psych

    yeah maybe, good advice
  7. Rocko1


    try online video games, I've heard of guys meeting women off there.
  8. thanks rocko, but meeting isn't a problem

    I simply want to select quality female that will give birth to healthy offspring
  9. I just realized something I should
    ve realized before

    ET is really not a good place to ask these questions

    lots of guys here are without experience in the matter
  10. pretty much

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