My February

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IndexSwing, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Since I began trading in Summer 2004 at the age of 21 I have mostly lost money. But I had a decent Feb and here are the results. I trade NDX options, holding time is usually 15min-4 hours, but occasionally overnight. I use a 15% stop.

    Feb Stats:
    22 trades, 10 losers, 12 winners. Starting balance on Feb 1: $1000. Todays balance: $1660. $ 960 withdrawn along the way. Total profit: $1620. +160%.

    Only a little more than half of my trades are profitable. But I am willing to take the occasional windfall profit. More than half of the months profit can be attributed to just one trade where I entered a put at $5.20 and closed a few days later at $15.70. So, I believe that keeping losses consistently small and the occasional large profit is key.

  2. How do you trade NDX? Buying or selling Options? You are doing very well it seems please tell us more what trades you did ?
  3. I go long NDX calls or puts. I watch a live java chart of $NDX with MACD and toggle between 5min and 15min. I am looking for familiar patterns. Sometimes I will enter based on a MACD signal line cross. Almost half the time I get it wrong.