My Favrerite QB

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    The Favrefest has started,242627

    What's the over-under? oh man my navres just can't take it again, what's he gonna do?
  2. Oh cripes, you just ruined my month. It's been a month since I heard any Favre baloney. Wow, I am so happy we don't have to deal with that daily anymore.
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    I can't get enough of this guy. Can we get a forum devoted to Brett Favre? I'd also like streaming news updates on his latest thinking.
  4. AMT, that is good. That is the good stuff I work to remember. Those kind of clips, and clips of Holmgren blowing a gasket watching Favre throw one of his rocket balls into triple coverage. The guy could make the game fun. The whole retirement/not really is just too much drama queen for me these days. It makes me wonder if he has turned into a glorified T.O., a guy who needs the attention. Contrary to what either side spews out about the breakup, he was just as much a part of it as McCarthy and Thompson.
  5. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! :D :cool:


    :D :eek: :D
  6. I agree with you, but as a die hard Viking fan this has been some of the best entertainment in YEARS!!!!!!!!! :D
  7. ps Farve should keep playing! he still gets it done better than 90% out there!
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    The thing I like about Favre is that he's still really good after this long. He's that outstanding constant in football that has been around a while which is kind of comforting, and I'll miss him when he's gone.

    On the topic of QB's, this is fascinating

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