My favorite unintentional comedian

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  1. Well that award goes to rcg, but I was thinking of someone more public with their buffoonery .

    His name is Mike Norman: check out some of the stupid ass things he says.

    What's really troubling is supposedly intelligent (ie educated) people are taught to believe this nonsense in colleges across the country.

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    80 more you tubes of silliness here

    Laugh and enjoy, then cry because we are reliving the dark ages where fools are treated as the purveyors of wisdom.
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    advocating a trillion dollar coin:D :D :D
  3. jem


    Lets say I buy his argument.

    Then there is also zero reason to have income taxes on non govt income.

    Lets drop the personal income tax for people who do not get paid govt income.
  4. pspr


    Is that Obama's new Economic Advisor?
  5. fan27


    By his logic, if cutting spending is like cutting national income, then we should increase spending towards infinity as that will result in the nation having unbounded income. Hey, I like this fairytale!!

  6. Maybe it's just me but I find him a treasure trove of laughs, while at the same time illuminating the "intellectual thinking " on the left as far as economics goes.
  7. I don't call it tooth fairy economics for nothing.

    The 2 major tenets distilled are :
    1)You&#65279; can print yourself wealthy.
    2) Govt knows better than you, what you want (and can do it cheaper).
  8. Ok loser lefties I KNOW some of you believe the same stuff as this idiot , future currents, ricter, ak ,time to step up and state your case or your condemnation of his points.
  9. jem


    I really would like to use his points against but I am not sure why he believes what he says. He does not really back it up the way a true economist would support his statements with graphs or charts or data.
  10. That was my first thought. Maybe one of Barry's professors.
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