My favorite Summer 07 trading quotes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. 1. "Just a low-volume sucker's rally"
    2. "Liquidity dried up completely"
    3. "The Fed won't cut"
    4. "That wasn't the bottom, we have to retest the lows"
    5. "The worst is yet to come"
    6. "Stocks are overvalued"
    7. "Carry trade is dead"
    8. "We're already in a recession"
    9. "This is 1929 all over again"
    10. "We entered a multi-year bear market"

  2. 11. "FED will not cut rates"
    12. "Biggest bubble in history"
    13. "The bear is waking up !"

  3. ElCubano


    lets fast forward these to 08......:p
  4. 14. "Just wait for October, we're gonna crash without a doubt"
  5. 1. the housing market wont crash.
    2. sub prime is not an issue.
    3. commodity prices are too high and will reverse.
    4. there is no demand for oil above 80 dollars.
    5. there will be no danger of an american bank closing
    6. Countrywide wont go below $30.
    7. US dollar is strong.

    and so far this years best one

    ' the worst is over'

  6. styron


    The trend is over when the gloating begins.