My Favorite Position Of All

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  1. My new favorite position of all:

    SKF ProShares UltraShort Financials ETF

    Let us see how how financials hold up in what I feel will be the storm of the credit squeeze that I believe is working its way onto land.

    The signs of credit restriction and tightening lending standards are everywhere, spawned by, but in no way limited to, the mortgage crisis that has begun to unfold.

    Mortgage lending trumps all else in size and mass, and has a trickle down effect on consumer credit.

    From home equity gushes credit card spending.
  2. oh. thot this was something else... :(

  3. I don't like lazy women in bed. There's a clue. :D
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    I thought this was going to be a poll.......whatever.....FWIW my vote goes towards missionary.
  5. Gotta vote for doggy
  6. 1 vote for pile driver
  7. cowgirl, oh yeah!
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    Not much volume, even last week.
  9. 'Tis true.
  10. yeah, but get the spread sheet of the stocks (I'm reticent to say "securities") in the Financial index. All the Prime Brokers, all the Subprime lenders...... It's like being the wolf, and seeing the three little pigs in the straw house. Except it's Ultra, 2:1, so it's like six little piggies.

    Oh yeah. Palm position. Less backtalk, no shopping, and the worst is just excellent.
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