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    Then why are you placing classified advertisements?
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    Roark: I need money to build my account. My trades are hypothetical but are placed in real-time. I'm one of the best in the world at predicting the next few days and pretty solid at trading. I'd rather not share my edges. But, truth is keeping them to myself is not making me any money. Maybe I'll garner an angel investor by this too.

    Note I'm not looking for anyone to sign up to my discretionary system and would rather they not. I use it for tracking my performance. I do have a 100% quantitative system that is open to subscriptions though.
  4. Lucias, if you do in fact have real working edges, you're going about this the wrong way. First you need to overcome the healthy skepticism of the people you're trying to pitch. <b>After</b> you've accomplished that you might make a few sales.

    Try doing something like this first, so people might want to take you seriously:
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    Why not just borrow money from credit cards and use it for your trading style. If your edges work, you can pay back the credit cards easily within a month. If your system doesn't work you can always just get a part time job and pay it off also within a month.
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    Rearden: Appreciate a pro's like your response. I do keep all my predictions at my blog though, if you click the prediction tag. Now, I do control the source code and could fake it. But, my record is most important to me. My audited trade record also helps with that too. However, my predictions and trades while highly correlated are not exactly the same. This is because my predictions don't use price stops and I have on my trades -- often to my detriment. But, I've made adjustments which should help with that. There are a few other minor differences, as well. I really want to keep the most accurate records I can when I start trading too. I know trading in the real life can be messy with withdrawls etc and that part bothers me.

    I love to predict the market. However, I've seen that I could give 100 people the high, low, direction and not a one would be able make a profit or even place a trade. My goal is focusing 120% on my performance and not demonstrations.

    brokenmarkets: I've already sold copies to professional traders. The ones that have replied have been very positive. I wish my product was more polished (it isn't). However, it gets the edge across. To be honest, I wish more poor smucks would buy it. I have a feeling most of my sells are going to well-capitalized, serious and possibly institutional traders. Seriously, I'm okay with that though because they believed in me more then anyone else. I'm always looking for ways to deliver extra value to my customers.

    sum: I've been saving for over a year, and I make a good living too. But, as I've made more money then I've more responsibilities even though I don't spend any. I don't even have a TV.

    I'm getting close to where I can start trading with my savings. My 100% quantitative program requires 7k. But I can make more using my discretionary techniques but that requires quite a bit more and one can't have an undue fear of losing which might be difficult to do on borrowed money. However, on my mechanical program that could work (or not).

    I don't think I'll get enough money to trade by selling something like this, not even close. But, it makes the effort tangible and a bit on top of what I have could make the difference.
  7. Didn't C2 used to show actual results besides the hypothetical ones ?
  8. More like worst thread in the world
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