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  2. AARGH!
  3. She's a MAN, man....

    Hippo calves
  4. Lucrum


    Your teasing us?
  5. LT701


    subjecting anyone to 'Journey' should be a felony
  6. What's wrong with Journey?
  7. Nice legs.
  8. Haroki, um, no.

    AAA, thank you :D

    TL, it's a tease, but I'm only taking out my aggression from Sunday night's ginourmous tease.

    LT and jz.... I suppose if you don't watch 'The Soprano's' you'd have no idea what the purpose of using Journey was:p
  9. Ahhh... I thought he was ripping on my boy Steve Perry! LOL!
  10. Never much cared for the soprano's.

    They can rot in new jersey, pretty much, along with that freaky ass gargoyle shit you pulled a couple months ago...........

    You bitch!!

    Here in oz, nobody would ever say "show us your face", normally it's something else, but hey, couldn't hurt to ask.

    Show us your face!!
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