My Experimental Trading Life

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  1. Some background about myself:

    Full time senior engineer in semiconductor field. Have been in stock market for about 3 years. Started serious tradng in 2008 and lost 54% of my initial investment in that year. In 2009, made all my lost back. So far, this year, have positive every month except of January.

    Looking back that two year trading life, I found that my P/L was very much synced to the market trends. I am think very hard about moving toward doing full time trading for living, not because I believe trading can make me richer, but mainly because I would like to change the life style. Before jump in, I'd like to spend another year or so to experiment if I can make enough to support the family by trading only.

    Due to the fact that I don't have time to trade during normal market hours, I decide to focus on Futures with volatility of extended hour of futures market, i.e. DT futures during the evenings.

    I have two accounts: real money and demo with equal money in them. I will use demo to develop new stratigies and use real money to force myself to keep real feeling of doing business.

    I will post every day's P/L with both demo and real money.

    By the end of this year, if result shows I can make the same amount or greater than my full time job does, I will move to full time trading.
  2. BOT 1 K200 JUN10 Futures 209.90 KRW KSE 22:46:06
    SLD 1 K200 JUN10 Futures 210.65 KRW KSE 23:20:01
  3. Retief


    That's a pretty good score. What was your net, 365,000 KRW? What are you using to decide when to enter and exit?
  4. BOT 1 ES JUN10 Futures 1107.75 USD GLOBEX 12:56:22
    SLD 1 ES JUN10 Futures 1110.00 USD GLOBEX 12:58:59

  5. It's 375,000 KRW. I follow price move only. Enter when price move is strong and exit when price move is weak.

  6. bot 1 K200 @211.40
  7. SLD 1 K200 @211.65
  8. bot 1 ES @1111.75
  9. SLD 1 ES @1112.75
  10. BOT 1 ES@112.50
    STOP @111.50
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