My experience with IFCTRADERS

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  1. IFCTraders: My money still is in a broker. I have an open account in the Broker Pesmir Trading. The money only can be operated; they don't have access to it. Only the investor with the account number may withdraw his money. In fact the monthly commissions I have to send via transfer. This way is the best of all; they operate with a fund which there is many contributions and can operate greater than with little amounts.

    Invested Capital: July € 3 000 in fund to 6%. I collect benefits and open:
    August € 10 000 in AutoFund Fund

    Performance: The first fund of € 3 000. I made in July, it closed me with 8%, but by changes of the Broker, they passed my funds to Pesmir Trading, they made regulations of fund and distribute benefits. I obtained 42% of benefit!! Yes, I know, I deposit all my funds and now I risked more and I opened AutoFund Fund with € 10 000, which it gives more profitability, at the time it gives me 6% ... I going to see how they close the month.

    The give you daily the results of AutoFund
    Weekly they give you a report with your investment and results.

    Finally the month, if there are benefits, you’ve to transfer 10% of your benefit for your work.

    Conclusion: At the time IFCTRADERS is the best and with advantage. Its historical results are good, there are months of losses but the profits compensate them. And until now I'm very good that I don't think it.

    Customer Service: it’s excellent, they attend emails very fast, I don't have complaints. To open an account, consult what you want, they're very fast, above all in their chat, they resolve any problem.