My Experience at a Prop Firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by pineman, May 10, 2007.

  1. If I had 20 bucks I could probably pay the lot fees at your trailer park and send you & that shopping cart you call a home packing.

    Why are you still preaching after being embarrassed in the Options thread?
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  2. wow, clubber, you just get wittier and wittier every time you open that bitchass mouth of yours.
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  3. bc i can, and will, and atticus the great can rejoin the discussion any time, but right now, he's sitting on harassment charges waiting for him in truckee. i doubt he'll surface after what he sent me by PM.
    or at least, that's what his lawyer told him to do. lay low like the stupid bitch he is.

    ironically, he just motivated me to study options more, and not surprisingly, it's not that difficult. the software does most of the work, which is probably how atticus does it anyway.

    so kudos, atticus, for being such a douchebag, and anacondawhatever, thanks for reminding me. i'd forgotten all about him.
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  4. Dude, I own you. See you soon!
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  5. can't wait.

    you threatened to come to my house in newport beach and rip my throat out for calling you a douchebag and not to email me, yet you not only did, you just did it again.

    seriously, could you be even more of a dick than you already are?

    please, try.

    you have serious, serious anger management issues.
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  6. pineman


    Any updates or new honest and share it !
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