My ES day trading journal

Discussion in 'Journals' started by stockbrka, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. stockbrka


    Hello. I have been browsing here for quite some time and I like how the community is very well mannered. So I decided to sign up! I have decided to make a journal on my day trading progress incorporating a few simple strategies.

    I am currently using a simulator to test it out. My goal is to strengthen my skills so when I do trade with real money, its second nature.

    As of last night, my starting capital is 2500 and mostly trading the ES with 400 day trade margins. Nothing is held overnight and I try to keep my trading limited to the first hour. I intend to open an account some time next year with 5000.

    Last night, my current account value was 2467.5 and for the end of today, it is 4655.00. I may have been lucky, so I'll test if I can make consistent profit (or losses) over time. I'm not sure if its legal to post pictures of trades and such. So we'll see. Any comments are welcome!! :)